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President presided over "the Second National Report on ICCPR and ICESCR Press Conference."
  • Publication Data:105-04-26
President presided over
President presided over "the Second National Report on ICCPR and ICESCR Press Conference" on April 25, 2016 and invited the president of five Yuan, relevant heads of agencies, diplomatic envoys and dozens of domestic and foreign media to attend and interview.
While talking about our achievements and protection of human rights, President expressed that apart from“the Two Covenants ” Taiwan government has implemented“ Enforcement Act of Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women ”, “ Implementation Act of the Convention on the Rights of the Child”, “ Act to Implement the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities ”, “Act to Implement United Nations Convention against Corruption ”.So far there are six UN conventions which have been incorporated into domestic law. Furthermore, in order to strengthen the human rights policy advisory function and to realize the protection of people’s constitution fundamental rights, the Presidential Advisory Committee on Human Rights was established under the presidential office on December 10, 2010. The most important mandate is to establish the human rights reporting system and an international human rights dialogue platform in accordance with the Two Covenants Implementation Act. Taiwan Government submitted its initial national reports in April 2012 and held international review conference in February 2013.While it was not through the UN review process, Taiwan Government invited 10 international human rights experts and domestic human rights groups to review the reports and adopted 81 points concluding observations and recommendations. This mode is highly praised by the international human rights experts and shows our determination and sincerity to realize the Two Covenants into our life.
Vice President Wu Den-yih,the Convenor of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Human Rights,expressed that the Ministry of Justice invited members of Presidential Advisory Committee on Human Rights, relevant government agencies, civil society organizations, academics and other experts into 115 sessions of related meetings for implementation of periodic human rights reports system so as to release a more complete and thorough report and to demonstrate our government’s efforts and achievements on human rights promotion and protection in recent four years. Regarding the completion of the Chinese and English version second national reports, we thank to the mobilization and hard work of various government departments. We put forward a single volume for response to the 81 points concluding observations and recommendations adopted by the international human rights experts. It not only confirms our determination and mobility for the protection of human rights but also attaches great importance to highlight international human rights experts’ recommendations. We expect to invite international human rights experts to Taiwan to review the progress of human rights and to adopt recommendations for improvement in January 2017.
Then President answered media regarding the abolition of the death penalty, the method of execution and implementation of compensation mechanisms for protection of human rights and other issues. The press conference has been completely successful.
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