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  1. Introduction to Capital Punishment and Policies in Taiwan108-06-13

  2. Implement the Conclusions of EU-Taiwan Human Rights Consultations -- EU Senior Policy Manager was invited to Taiwan for Speeches on construction and development of EU human rights indicators and sharing experiences in the establishment of national human rights institutions in EU member statest108-04-08

  3. Presentation of Concluding Observations and Recommendations of Review of the Second Reports under the Two Covenants106-04-18

  4. Freedom report gives Taiwan a perfect106-02-02

  5. Concluding Observations and Recommendations of the Second State Reports106-01-20

  6. International Review of 2nd ROC Reports on Implementation of Human Rights Covenants Concluded106-01-20

  7. Vice President Chen addresses international review of 2nd ROC reports on implementation of human rights covenants106-01-16

  8. International review of 2nd ROC reports on implementation of human rights covenants set for January 16-20106-01-16

  9. International Human Rights Organizations can register online now. (deadline:2016/12/12)105-12-01

  10. Guideline for Participating in the Second ROC ICCPR & ICESCR National Report Review Meeting105-12-01

  11. Agenda for ROC Second ICCPR & ICESCR Report Review Meeting105-11-15

  12. Review Committee for Second State Reports of the Two Covenants105-09-09

  13. The Second National Report on ICCPR and ICESCR105-04-27

  14. President presided over "the Second National Report on ICCPR and ICESCR Press Conference."105-04-26

  15. Ministry of Justice held a forum of the feasibility for establishing a national human rights institution in accordance with the Paris Principles on July 8, 2015.104-07-17

  16. The U.S. Department of State “Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2014”104-06-26

  17. EU Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World in 2014104-06-24

  18. The National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia visited MOJ on May 12, 2015.104-05-19

  19. Act to Implement the United Nations Convention against Corruption104-05-05

  20. Taiwan has again been ranked one of the freest countries in the world by human rights organization Freedom House in its latest annual report, earning a perfect score for political rights.104-04-27


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